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A2ZCrypto Unveils India's First Centralized Non-Custodial SWAP Platform

Updated: Apr 3

Exchange INR with Crypto: Fast, Safe, EASY After months of hard work, we are thrilled to step out of stealth mode and introduce our first product – A2ZCrypto's Centralized Non-Custodial SWAP. While we won't claim it's a "game-changer" in the typical sense, we are confident that it addresses key issues in the P2P space. Allow us to share more about ourselves: Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Kolkata, A2ZCrypto is a virtual digital asset service provider focused on crypto asset education, advisory services, and crypto Over-The-Counter (OTC) businesses. We are proudly registered with the Financial Intelligence Unit India (FIU-IND) as a Reporting Entity under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA).


Our SWAP exchange is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at tackling the challenges affecting the P2P trading landscape. This marks the first step toward realizing our vision of establishing a Centralized Non-Custodial Exchange platform, ensuring that investing in Virtual Digital Assets is secure, compliant, and transparent. Partnering with XREX Inc., a global leader in technology and security businesses, we have leveraged our collective expertise to create this innovative SWAP platform.

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A2ZCrypto SWAP

Let's delve into the reasons behind the growth of P2P trading in India and the problems associated with it that we aim to solve.

The core issue stems from the fact that many crypto exchanges in India have ceased deposits and withdrawals of cryptocurrencies, leading to a surge in P2P trading volumes. Consider the scenario of an individual receiving payment in crypto – they need to convert it to INR for day-to-day expenses. However, this process exposes them to scams or, worse, results in their Indian bank accounts being blocked due to receiving INR from illicit P2P transactions on exchanges. This problem is only exacerbated by decentralized P2P exchanges.

In response, we've partnered with XREX and implemented Contract Bitcheck to conduct P2P transactions where both the buyer and seller can verify IDs and contact details before proceeding. This adds a layer of protection against fraud, but the process was slow and limited in transaction throughput due to manual steps.

To streamline and automate these processes, we are proud to launch our beta version (with the full version scheduled by the end of this year) featuring two core elements: enhanced efficiency for Crypto to INR swaps (and vice versa) through automatons and a dedicated customer support team to address concerns and gather valuable feedback for future improvements.

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A2ZCrypto Swap

Seamlessly Swap from INR to BTC – Explore XREX!

To access our services, simply download XREX Inc., complete the KYC process, link A2ZCrypto SWAP, and submit PAN and bank details to enable INR deposit/withdrawal. We are excited about the future of A2ZCrypto and our commitment to making crypto trading safe, secure, and accessible for all. Follow the Steps:

Download XREX Inc.> Complete KYC> Link A2ZCrypto SWAP> Submit PAN & Bank Details for enabling INR deposit/ withdrawal.



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