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Founded in 2020 by Krishnendu Chatterjee and Souvik Tripathy, A2ZCrypto Investment, is a crypto asset education, advisory and Crypto OTC firm. Although our company operations started from 2020, our team has years of experience in educating, managing and investing in crypto assets. Our teams provide investors with access to expertise and insights across the entire spectrum of Cryptocurrency investments, be it Bitcoin or Ethereum, Alt-Coins, DeFi or NFTs.

A2ZCrypto Investment understands what it’s to be like to be in the shoes of first time Crypto Investors. We are levelling the playing field by educating people about the Crypto space and providing data-driven solutions for both novice as well as seasoned investors. Within a short duration of our company’s existence, we have successfully provided our service to more than 100+ clients. 

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Our Team

We are one of the few crypto asset advisory firms globally, which do not enforce a minimum limit of investment for our clients. We are reducing the barrier of entry by educating our clients in their quest for learning and earning from Cryptocurrency; while helping achieve social and financial equality by providing the same quality of service irrespective of their investment size. So whether you are a seasoned Cryptocurrency investor looking to invest tens of thousands of dollars or a novice looking to test the waters with only a few tens of dollars; your search ends here. 

Our Team


Krishnendu Chatterjee

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Sreerupa Sarkar


Souvik Tripathy


Milan Parai

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