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Trade Crypto at Scale with A2ZCrypto OTC


Execute large crypto trades with personalized service and competitive pricing. 


Secure deposits & withdrawals for:


  • Large scale crypto orders starting from $10,000 and above


  • Competitive prices and high liquidity


  • Locked prices to minimize volatility


A2ZCrypto OTC enables you to trade cryptocurrencies worth $10,000 or more per order. Access tailored services and benefit from:


- Direct Access to a Dedicated Trading Broker:

Get support from an experienced broker throughout your trading journey. Receive guidance to execute trades that align with your goals.  


- Competitive Pricing: 

Benefit from competitive quotes personalized to your trade requirements. For large volumes, get pricing better than cryptocurrency exchanges.


- Minimal Price Risk:

Lock in quoted prices to minimize exposure to market fluctuations during order execution. Protect your capital from volatility. 


- Robust Security: 

Leverage our partnerships with top liquidity providers and exchanges. Trades are executed securely through our institutional-grade systems. 


- Seamless Onboarding:

Sign up seamlessly and get KYC verified swiftly. Our team will guide you through the process from start to finish.


- Multiple Payment Options:

Fund trades easily via bank transfer or deposit cryptocurrencies directly from your wallet. Settlement occurs quickly once trades are matched. 


- Dedicated Support: 

Access our trading experts via phone, email or chat. Get your queries resolved promptly by our customer-centric team.


Take the first step towards OTC trading. Connect with our brokerage team to receive a personalized quote for your specific order requirements. Grow your assets with larger, smarter trades.   


How it functions:


1. Getting Started:


  • Create an account on A2ZCrypto and finish going through the KYC process. Following that, the manager of the OTC Desk will check out your request and get in touch with you.


2. Placement of Funds:


  • Your order will be successfully executed only after you have deposited funds (in INR or cryptocurrency) into your A2ZCrypto account.


3. Settlement:


  • Your order will be carried out once the OTC Desk manager has located a suitable counterparty.


Conditions and Eligibility:


Minimum order quantities are 10,000 USDT or 9,00,000 ₹, whichever is less.


When the agreed-upon price falls within a 0.2 percent margin of both the bid and ask price, the order book will be utilized to execute the order. In the event that the price exceeds this threshold, the order will be carried out utilizing a swap for OTC Desk function. The orderbook is capable of handling a maximum volume of 100,000 USDT (only in USDT/INR() units).


Other prerequisites apply to eligibility for OTC Desk trading, including AML/KYC functions.


We will utilize specialized swap on over-the-counter desk orders for all BTC/INR and ETH/INR transactions, as well as for USDT/INR volumes exceeding 100,000 USDT.

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