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Welcome to A2ZCrypto OTC Desk – Your Gateway to Exchange USDT to INR Effortlessly

Effortless Swapping, Endless Possibilities


- Dive into the world of easy crypto swaps with A2ZCrypto Swap. Convert Bitcoin to INR, Ethereum to INR, USDT to INR, and other cryptocurrencies with ease and confidence.

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Get Started Today

Quick Swap:

Ready to make a swap? Jump right into action with our quick swap feature.

Learn More:

New to crypto? Learn more about how to maximize your crypto experience with A2ZCrypto Swap.

Trade Large-Scale Crypto with Ease and Security at A2ZCrypto OTC

Unmatched Expertise:

Competitive Edge:

Robust Security and Quick Settlements:

Experience seamless, large-scale trading with personalised service. Our dedicated brokers guide you through every step, aligning with your unique trading goals.

 Get superior pricing, outperforming standard exchange rates, especially for high-volume trades. Enjoy the benefits of high liquidity and minimal price risks with locked-in rates.

FIU Registered OTC Desk where you can trade with confidence using our institutional-grade security systems, backed by top liquidity providers. Fast settlements ensure your trades are executed efficiently.

How Does A2ZCrypto OTC Work?


Easy Start:

Create your account and complete KYC for a swift, secure entry into large-scale crypto trading.


Fund Your Trades:

Deposit funds in INR or cryptocurrency to your A2ZCrypto account to initiate your orders.


Efficient Execution:

Our OTC Desk managers connect you with suitable counterparts for effective trade execution.


Eligibility and Conditions

Accessible Minimums:

Start trading with as little as 10000 USDT or 900000 ₹.

Flexible Pricing Strategy:

Benefit from our dynamic pricing model, ensuring your trades are executed at the best possible rates, whether through our order book or specialised OTC swap functions.

Additional Services for an Unparalleled Trading Experience


Seamless Onboarding:

Our team streamlines the onboarding and KYC process, ensuring a hassle-free start.


Diverse Payment Options:

Choose from multiple funding methods, including bank transfers and direct cryptocurrency deposits.


24/7 Dedicated Support:

Our customer-centric team is ready to assist via phone, email, or chat, providing timely solutions to all your queries.

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Take the Next Step in OTC Trading

Connect with our brokerage team today for a personalised quote tailored to your trading needs. Elevate your trading experience with A2ZCrypto OTC - where larger, smarter trades lead to greater growth.

Grow Your Portfolio with A2ZCrypto OTC


Key Benefits:

Tailored Trading Strategies:

Leverage our expertise to craft trading strategies that meet your individual needs and market goals.

Market Insights and Analytics:

Stay ahead with our in-depth market analysis, helping you make informed decisions.​Sunday: Closed

Global Reach, Local Expertise:

Access a global network of crypto markets with the convenience of local support and


Your Trading, Our Commitment


Experience transparent trading with clear, upfront pricing and no hidden

Speed and Reliability:

Benefit from our swift, reliable execution of trades, ensuring you never miss a market opportunity.

Legal Compliance and Security:

Trade with peace of mind, knowing that we adhere to stringent legal and AML/KYC standards.

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