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Crypto Advisory Services

We are a team of experienced founders, traders and developers, who are on a mission to simplify Cryptocurrency investing for everyone. Our multi-strategy approach makes us different from other crypto asset consultancy. We develop unique plans/ portfolios and strategies depending on the aspiration of our clients. We provide customized 1-1 services for our clients to shorten their learning curve for investing in the Cryptocurrencies. 

Our Team

Education : We impart our clients with the right knowledge about Bitcoin, Alt-coins, Trading strategies in Cryptocurrency, DeFi, NFTs along other ways to earn risk-free passive income. We update them about recent market trends and directions for better understanding of the Crypto industry.


Portfolio Creation : We design portfolios for clients to invest in the Crypto space in a systematic manner. The portfolios designed reflect the aspirations of the clients and the returns they expect in mid-to-long term timeframe. We educate them to pick Crypto among the diverse range of cryptocurrencies to include in the portfolio by providing them with resourceful websites, links and materials.


Trading Strategies : We help clients in setting up their trading accounts in various exchanges and help them pass the ID verification process. We take them step by step by providing 1-1 DEMO to operate platforms and do SPOT trading; following which we help them trade better by taking them through the trading process with our guidance. NOTE - We conduct separate course for margin (leveraged) trading, which is not included along with SPOT trading strategies.

Evolving Trends : We also conduct regular workshops for our users to educate them about different trends in the Cryptocurrency space like DeFi, Play to Earn Games, NFTs, etc. 

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We are here to assist. Contact us by email, telegram or via our social media channels

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